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Kelly's Watson Bio:

Kelly Alicia Watson, founder of Watson Global & Associates continues to be a pioneer in her own right; gifted as a motivational speaker with over 15 years of experience, a humanitarian and an advocate for creating social change in the community Kelly teaches top industry Executives, The Ultimate Power of Leadership by Changing Minds and Changing Perspectives.

Kelly was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in the inner city of the Park heights community where she experienced going from the blocks, to education, to graduation and then to the boardroom. Creative, Relatable, Innovative, Revolutionary, Inspiring and Powerful are some of the words often used to describe Kelly Alicia Watson and her style of leadership.

With a global mission and gifted in the ability to bridge gaps within organizations she takes a collaborative and practical approach to business that promotes and inspires trust, creating extraordinary partnerships between organizations while increasing productivity in teams and performance outcomes as it relates to data in cooperate and in the entertainment industry.

Kelly Watson's firm, Watson Global & Associates is a consulting firm that provides two different types of service. The primary service includes executive consulting, executive coaching, group processing, talent management, training and development, facilitation and design, and participating in symposiums that focus on Building Executives, teaching the Ultimate Power of Leadership. The secondary service is Watson Global Entertainment Group which provides, consulting, facilitating cooperate partnership and management to the entertainment industry in sports, music, film and fashion.

The company advises division heads and start-up founders in a range of industries from entertainment business, education, child welfare, non- profit, private and corporate business to help them optimize their organizational structures, workflow processes, talent management and internal communications that focus specifically on the art of leadership, wellness empowerment and increasing performance outcomes on every level.

At the age of 21, Kelly became the assistant to the Director at The Clinton Home for Children where she began her career teaching leadership in business with Dr. Samuel Little advocating for child welfare and partnering with The Department of Social Services. She is strongly rooted in Child Welfare and continues to be an advocate focusing on strengthening and preserving families, while providing resources and support. For several years she has worked and partnered with The Baltimore city public school system as a DSS Liaison consultant under the direction of Molly Tierney McGrath and worked within the network under the chief executive officer Dr. Andres Alonzo advising executive leaders to identify strategic operating challenges, develop strategies with the office of attendance and truancy, the community engagement office, participated in planning and intervention for youth who were at risk, and implementing changes while reducing barriers to improve performance outcomes as it relates to leadership within the public school system. She has a continued movement that focus on leadership and bringing our youth and young adults back to school through empowering women and men who want to create social change by going beyond there expectation and fighting that "All lives Matter". Kelly's career has extended to speaking at The University of Maryland, Coppin State University, and Florida Memorial University.

Ms. Watsons partnerships, just to name a few have consisted of top industry leading executives that ranges from, Rusty Scupper, Chic fila, Domino's Pizza, The A is for Applebees A program project, Forman Mills, The Food Pantry Program, Fit families with Patrice Sanders, The Do Right Foundation established by R&B singer Mario, Medieval Times, Charles Choo Smith Youth Empowerment Foundation, BET "Rap It Up Teen Forum" on HIV/AIDS, MACY's, TGI Fridays, Eunice Mosley "Uplifting Minds", Platinum Plus Entertainment, Wrab Mell Entertainment, Versatile Entertainment, music producer extraordinaire James Washington AKA" Jim Bean Sharpa, L'OCCITANE, The Ronald McDonald House, Evasive Technology, Watson Security Services, Wells Fargo, Clinton Media Group and Curves Rock Fashion Weekend.

Kelly A. Watson received her BA in psychology at Florida Memorial College and earned a MA in counseling psychology from Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the last 5 years, Kelly have devoted her efforts as a researcher specializing in working on her Ph. D in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Currently she is a member of the Society for Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, American Psychological Association and Association of Psychological Science.

There is no doubt that Kelly Watson have a proven track record for inspiring, empowering and motivating individuals to utilize their gifts and talents teaching the art of loving oneself through leadership and self-awareness while Building Executives, teaching The Ultimate Power of Leadership. Her movement will always be in order to Change Lives; you must Change Your Perspective.