Watson Global & Associates Services

Watson Global & Associates mission is designed to empower, encourage and create social change developing new leaders through executive consulting, participating in symposiums, training & development, group processing, talent management, design and facilitation and coaching while using rigor and scientific methods to teach innovation and creativity as it relates to critical relevance to business solutions.

Watson Global & Associates vision focus on Building Executives, teaching The Ultimate Power of Leadership while creating strong philanthropic relationships, bridging gaps in businesses, creating new cooperate partnership and teaching effective leadership by increasing performance outcomes, reducing cultural biases and enhancing growth and development through restructuring the organization by Changing Minds, and Changing Perspectives.

Our services are tailored to the company's need. It is designed to place an emphasis on working on new problem solving strategies that is used in real time which ultimately increases performance outcomes while teaching the art of being a successful executive leader. The goal is always to provide additional support with understanding how to be transformational, learning the components of a transformational leader and utilizing each component in business and in your everyday life in order to be successful and impactful.


Watson Global & Associates is a consulting firm that provides two different types of service. Our services are specifically designed to fit the clients need.

The Primary service includes:

  • Executive consulting,
  • Executive coaching,
  • Group processing/ Organization and Team Performance
  • Talent management,
  • Training and development,
  • Facilitation and design, and
  • Participating in symposiums that focus on leadership.

The Secondary service consist of Watson Global Entertainment Group which provides,

  • consulting, coaching
  • facilitating cooperate partnership and negotiations
  • Management to the entertainment industry in sports, music, film and fashion.

The company advises division heads and start-up founders in a range of industries from entertainment business, education, child welfare, non- profit, private and corporate business to help them optimize their organizational structures, workflow processes, talent management and internal communications that focus specifically on the art of leadership wellness, empowerment and increasing performance on every level.